About Me

Gemma Bedford is a Petersfield based artist and textile designer.

Her inspiration is drawn from frequent visits to the beaches in West Sussex and UK holidays to Dorset and Cornwall. She often uses sketches and photographs that can be taken back to the studio. The most usual theme is seascapes as the sea draws her to the emotion and atmosphere inspired by the dramatic scenery and changeable weather. Each painting is always a journey and sometimes ends up completely different to the photo.

A canvas full of blocks and shapes can follow a day trip to London - a move away from the fluid seascape style.

Usually semi abstract in style the paintings are created using a palate knife and oil and sometimes acrylic and mixed media.

When the paintings lend themselves to a fabric design she works on them digitally to create both scarves and cushions. They are always limited editions on small print runs.

She has recently started to take commissions and is enjoying the challenge!